Why I will never do this again.. :0)


I made an Angel Food cake today..
and I thought to myself..

I will just use my handmixer this time so I don't have to get my big Stand Mixer out of the cabinet and so on....

 Big Mistake.. I stood there what seemed like hours mixing those egg whites.. trying to
get those medium peaks to form in the frothy foam..  Let me tell you, the first sign of any kind of peak on those things I was done!!! Done I tell you! :0)

Don't get me wrong - I am very happy with my kitchenaid handmixer..
it definately serves a purpose.. mash potatoes and so on.
But as far as Angel Food cake goes..  I will get my big Kitchenaid Mixer out from here on out! :0)

Oh, and the Angel Food Cake turned out great.. (completely edible) so no harm done.. ha, ha.

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