Happy Valentine's Day..

Today I am sharing what I made for my family as a special surprise for
Valentines Day..   a Candy Bouquet.

In deciding what to do for my family.. I decided on making them each a Candy Bouquet.

So, I picked up all the supplies that I wanted to use for this bouquet.
Sundae glasses
lots of mini candy bars
chocolate kisses
and of course some curling ribbon...
You will also need sucker sticks, and tape, possibly double sided tape,
or hot glue if you so choose.

I got all my supplies out, spread them out on the table.. and got started.
I put a few of the hershey kisses in the bottom of each glass..
Then I started adding mini candy bars around the edge of each glass so they
would hang down around the outside of the sundae glass.

(a piece of tape would work, or possibly double sided tape, I just chose to use a tiny
dot of hot glue on the edge of the wrapper - completely up to you!)

Then I added the candy bars to the end of my sticks.. (back to back)

 Then I carefully arranged them in each glass, and then added in a few more
of the chocolate kisses to fill them up completely, as well as help the arrangement
become a little more secure.  
Next, I added in some pink and white curling ribbon.. 
I attached the ribbon to the tallest heart shaped sucker in
the center of the arrangement, and let the curls cascade down throughout..

There ya go..
A Lovely DIY Candy Bouquet..  and I made all 3 for less than $20.00.
Another bonus..  they will each have a cute sundae glass when all that candy is gone. :0)

Additional Idea's:

Personalize them:
I personalized each of ours by adding a little nametag to each one.  I used paper, and washi tape.
You can easily attach a name tag, or tiny card to the curling ribbon by using a hole punch, or just use another popsicle stick and some tape.

Add Balloons:
You could add a small balloon, or tie helium balloons to it and make it even fancier.

This item could be used for lots of holidays, it is not just for Valentine's Day.. it would be a great birthday surprise as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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