Entryway Storage Solution.. (small entry)

We have a small entryway by our back door which just so happens
to be the one that is used the most.

I have tried several different things over the past few years for this space..
and just haven't been thrilled with any of them.

Here is the before:

Functional? Yes.. but I didn't care for the look of it.

I tried to find an idea online.. but didn't find one that
I thought would work in this space.

So I decided I would make these shelves better somehow..

I remembered that I had a oak shelf insert that I saved from a project a long time ago..
so I decided to use 2 of the existing white shelves and make some sort of custom unit.

After some thought..  I removed one of the shelves and flipped the other 2 over. Then I
 painted the underside of the shelves white to match the rest of the shelf. (they were unfinished underneath)   When the white paint dried, I gave the shelves a coat of poly to protect them from the shoes that will be living there.. :0)

Then I attached the  shelf  board.
Gorilla glue.. need I say more?

There is a reason I wanted space between the 2 white shelves..
I wanted a place for the dog leash to be neatly put away.

I initially planned on inserting a cup hook in this center space
for the dog leash.. but quickly realized I had already used my cup hooks, and I
didn't want to make a special trip to the store.  (They are added to my list)

So since that wasn't going to happen immediately,  I remembered I had this small basket
that would fit nicely.. and command strips.
Worked perfectly!

So until I get the cup hooks that I have in mind, I have a temporary dog leash bin. :0)

Here is the result..

It takes up less space than before,  looks much more custom, still
holds my children's shoes, and we have a unique spot for the dog leash.
(and maybe an umbrella or two)   :0)

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