Pantry Makeover..

We have limited cabinet space in our Kitchen,  so
to expand our storage and have a Pantry space for our canned goods,
and to house some of our small appliances..
we bought this white cabinet at Target a few years ago.

While it does help.. It usually has a lot of wasted space vertically.
I have tried the wire shelves, stacking items, and different idea's to make
the canned items work.. but never found something I really liked for it.

So it was time again to rethink this space.

Here is the before:

We decided to change it up.. and cut some 2 x 4's to use for shelving.
(I painted them black)

To spruce up this plain white cabinet a little more,
I painted the back wall of the shelf the same color as my focal wall..
just for fun. :0)

I also added some clothespins to the doors to hold a small plastic bin for
little odds/ends, and also to hold papers, and keep them neatly behind doors.
 (and off the refrigerator)

I placed the boards onto the shelves, 3 boards per shelf..
 I placed two boards stacked, laying flat, at the very back of each shelf.
Then one board laying flat just in front of those.. which created a stair step effect for shelves.
Then I loaded it back up.


Here is the result:


The 2x4's turned out to be a great fit for the cans.. :0)

We had everything on hand, so this project only cost us a couple hours
of our time... and most of that was waiting on the paint to dry

I also added a chalkboard to the side of this cabinet..
(using chalkboard paint and small wood trim.)


I have actually been keeping an eye out for the perfect sideboard buffet, or china hutch to use
for extra storage in our kitchen,  but I haven't found it yet.
So until I do.. this white cabinet works for us, and now it is a little more
functional for it's purpose to say the least.

Have a great day!


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  1. What a great idea for maximizing space! Love the chalkboard too! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  2. A very fast and easy way to add height ! Thanks !


  3. Brilliant. I am on a super tight budget, I mean zero dollars. Those little shelves are just calling me every time I walk into any box store...Yikes. The call is over whelming. But 2x4's...brilliant...brilliant...and I can paint them to match my ***now more organized kitchen with lots and lots of little bins and such*** Thanks for sharing.

    1. I understand the tight budget, and those bins and organizing items calling out to ya.. :0) Too funny.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I hated the idea of spending money on shelves for canned goods but the wood scraps are brilliant! TFS!

  5. Looks good! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  6. I love that you painted the inside and made those risers. Makes for such a dramatic and fabulous before and after!

    Thanks so much for linking up last month!



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