DIY Jar Candle Lid

We go through a lot of Jar Candles,
they are lit daily in our house and usually in several area's of the home.

Which leads to a lot of those glass jar lids..
Some of them have a flat top, and those are the ones I am using
for this project.

 In the past I have found them to be useful as a riser for small objects, to add a little height
 to something when you need to in your decorating layout across a shelf, or side table.
(So I usually have a couple of them laying around for that reason.)

Well, I decided to see what I could make from one..
and here is what I did..

I flipped it over, and took the rubber seal off..

Got a few supplies together.. (rope, scissors, hot glue gun, votive candle)

Then I cut the rope to size.
Placed a dot of hot glue on one end of the rope then placed it on
the edge.  Then I wrapped the rope around until it met
the startint point and another dot of hot glue
at the end to secure it.

Placed my votive candle in the turned upside down lid..
and now I have a neat glass base for my Votive Candle.

You could leave it plain, decorate it with paint, ribbon, washi tape,
and so on..

I have some other idea's too.. it would make a neat jewelry dish for rings.
So I had to make one..
I just added a pretty bow, and there it is:


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  1. So easy and sooo clever! Love the idea Tina. I would have never thought about this. Thanks for the great idea for those lids we toss.

    Wishing you a blessed Easter!
    Hugs, Sherry & Marie


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