Friday Favorites (3/29/13)

Happy Good Friday to you..

It is that time again..  time to showcase some of my favorite things from the week:

1).  My new Chevron Print Washi tape..  (awesome!)

2).  The Easter Egg Themed Place Settings and Picks I made using plastic spoons, ribbon, and my new washi tape.

3).  Decorating a Charger for some simple and lovely Easter D├ęcor using Washi Tape (again),
     did I mention washi tape is awesome..? :0)

4).  Sharing how I recently got my Linen Closet Organized and I had enough room for my nail polish storage to fit neatly inside..  Wahoooo.

5).  My absolute favorite part of the week however is...   EASTER ~  Jesus is Lord!

 I hope you all have a wonderful & blessed Easter holiday.

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