Nail polish storage..

I have been working on kitchen organization quite a bit lately, I have
gotten a lot done, but I still consider it a work in progress.. so I will have more
coming in the future... but I decided to switch it up a little today. :0) 

I have quite a collection of nail polish these days..
I would say it is because my daughter has gotten me hooked on it.. :0) 
She has her fingernails painted in some fancy design just about all the time. 
She is a talented girl.. and it is something we enjoy doing together.

Ok so back to my nail polish collection.
It was taking up way too much space in my desk drawer, so
I decided to find a storage spot elsewhere.

I had seen this idea before when I was searching for shelves..
I ran across wood shelves that were custom built for nail polish. (or spices)

I am not sure why I didn't do it back then.. but anyways, now that the nail polish
it getting a little out of control.. :0)  I decided to go with it.

So I searched until I found this small wooden spice rack to re-purpose
 as my 'nail polish storage.'
I decided beforehand that if I didn't like it.. I could always use it for small photo's, jewelry storage,
 or who knows.. :0)

Here is the outcome..

I like that I can see all of them in one spot..
I like that it is small enough I can hang it inside a closet..
I like that they are not in my desk anymore. :0)

I may have to paint the shelf one of these days.. but for now I am liking the dark stain.

So, how do you organize your nail polish?

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