DIY Framed Chicken Wire Decorative Accent Piece

I mentioned before that I found this neat Shabby Chic Picture frame over the weekend.

I had been searching for a frame for this project for a while, but hadn't found one
that would work without spending a small fortune.. and I wasn't interested in doing
that. :0)

However Saturday I found it..

So I got my piece of Chicken Wire, a Staple gun and 1/4" size staples, and a pair of wire cutters..

Then I fit the chicken wire into the frame, and began stapling it around the edge.

I quickly realized the inside portion of wood wasn't thick enough for the staples.. oops!
So I had to switch how I was stapling it on to the frame by holding the frame upright.
That way the staples were going in to the thicker part of the wood.  Live & Learn. :0)

After getting it all secure, I cut off the excess wire, and bent the sharp ends inward.

I decided to place it on top of a cabinet, and then I made a fun chalkboard tag banner to hang onto
it with twine which I labeled: "Faith, Hope, Love"

I am so pleased with how it turned out.. a super simple and inexpensive accent piece.

I could also see this displaying small photo's perhaps with clothespins.. or maybe a rustic wreath in the center.. or maybe even as a jewelry display. Hmm..
Well, for now I like it just like this.. just kinda simple and lovely.

Have you created anything with old picture frames lately?

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  1. i love this! we have several chicken wire frames in our house. they are such a fun way to decorate and hang paper goodies!

    i'm stopping by your blog because of a comment you had left on the sunny with a chance of sprinkles giveaway post! have you tried essential oils from young living!? we just purchased our premium starter kit a few weeks ago and are in love! i'd love to share more info with you if you want to learn more.

    happy weekend! xo


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