Smarties Diploma Decor accent for Graduation 2013..

As you know I am in preparation mode for 2 graduations.. :0)

Today I tackled another candy project...

Smarties - What is better to celebrate Graduation than candy with the name "Smarties" :0)

So I decided instead of just having them in a bowl, I would dress them up like a diploma.
So I got some white copy paper, ribbon, scotch tape, scissors, and a black marker.

I cut the copy paper into thirds lengthwise, then I cut those strips in half. 

Then I placed a roll of candy onto one piece of paper..

I rolled the paper around the candy.

Added a small piece of tape to hold the paper in place, then added a bow.
I also added '2013' on them with a black marker.

Very easy and low cost project.. and will add a nice touch to the graduation table decor.

I previously shared how I made my Reese's Grad Cap Candy  as well in case you are looking
for another fun project.

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