Weekend recap..

Weekend recap..
The weather was beautiful.

We mowed the lawn & took turns with the weed eater. 
(We have a big yard so it takes quite a while to get it all done)

We worked in the garden, and got our tomatoes planted.
Home made Salsa sounds good about now. :0)

I helped my daughter work on her school project. She had to make a display showing
the different phases of the moon.


We got creative using things mostly from around the house.
She didn't want to do the normal thing and use Styrofoam balls,
so we considered ping pong balls, or marbles, or paper mache, but I was looking around
in my craft stuff and found clear glass cabochons that I bought a long time
ago for necklaces and never used them all.. they were perfect! 
 And for the earth?  Well.. You know Purex Crystal's have a plastic cap that you use to measure with..
We put 2 together for a perfectly round Earth shape.. My daughter used hot glue, and painted it with nail polish.   She has pretty much every color of nail polish there is.
How is that for being creative.. Ha.
It turned out so cute, and very Unique! :0)  She did a wonderful job!
We washed our vehicles, and just spent some time outdoors with the horses & other critters.
We planned on going fishing, but never made it.
Overall it was a great weekend, hope yours was too!

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  1. Homemade salsa sounds really good right now! Love it...:) Your daughter's moon phase project turned out great. I'm a science teacher so that immediately caught my attention. How creative with the supplies you used and I love the nail polish Earth....so pretty! Tell her great job from a Florida science teacher....:)Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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