A Favorite Kitchen Tip and Time Saver...

I was making home made cinnamon rolls a couple days ago, and decided I would share
this tip with you.. 

This may not be a new tip to you.. but it was to me when I saw it, and I am so glad I found it!
 It is such a time saver!

Before you roll out your dough.. just lightly sprinkle a little water on your countertop or table top..  then lay plastic wrap over it, and you can layer it if you need it to be wider..  It will stay put and you can use it to roll your dough out on.

Simply add your flour, your dough, and roll it out..


When you are done with your dough, you simple pull the plastic wrap up, and toss it!

Saves a lot of clean up time!

So do you have a favorite kitchen time saver tip?

I actually found this tip on a coupon blog a long time ago.. I tried to search to find the post, so I could properly link to it - but I just couldn't find it. :(  Here is the site where I first saw this wonderful tip: www.raininghotcoupons.com)


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