Making a Congratulations Banner.. simple diy project

I decided to make a "Congratulations" Banner for our upcoming Graduates, as an additional
touch to the decorations that I already purchased.  (a large banner and several other items)

I wanted one to place inside the house as well, and decided I would just make it.

So I got some regular printer paper, my scissors, and a tape runner.
(other items I used: ribbon, black marker, and letters/squiggle designs cut from my cricut machine)

I folded my stack of paper in half, cut 2 triangles from it. Keeping the fold on the large side of the triangle.

Then I cut out my banner letters using my Cricut machine.. using my tape runner I placed a letter onto each Triangle.
Then I strung out some small white ribbon and started overlapping the triangles and glueing them on.

I also added some blue squiggle designs to it for an added decorative touch, as well as some
stitch lines I made using a black marker.


Have a great Monday!

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