graduation 2013 and more

We have had a an extremely busy last couple of weeks...
Here are a few highlights..

We celebrated my son's birthday..  #18!
Time sure has flown by..


We went to my son's final band performance at his high school.. which was a little emotional
when his band teacher spoke about how they were the best group of kids, and how much she would miss them all.  :0)


We attended Senior night.. where my son received numerous awards, and the kids had fun giving their 'prophecies,' which was quite funny..  and we watched a video that was made of the graduates from their photo's from over the years.  It was a lot of fun..   


During all of these activities,  we were in preparation mode for Graduation.. as well as the Graduation party.. so I was working on being as prepared as possible for that as well, and had all kinds of decorations all over the house.. :0)


Which was a little chaotic, but we worked around it.. :0)

It was a BUSY, Emotional, Fun, Amazing, Unique, Special, lack of sleep, and did I say BUSY week? 

( I was going to try to cram everything into one post.. but since it is getting a little long already,
 I think I will share more about the graduations and grad party in a separate post.. so stay tuned. :0)


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