Thank you Treat bags.. graduation party

I decided to use the candy treats that I made for our upcoming Grad Party as a Thank You Treat bag for our guests instead of just having candy laying around.

Here is what I decided to do..

I used my photo software to create a "Thank You" label which I printed 4 on one sheet of paper,  3" x 4" baggies that I purchased in the craft department and a stapler.

I cut out my "labels"

Then I placed one Diploma Smarties Candy, and one Reeses Grad Cap Candy inside each baggie and zipped it closed.   I folded the label in half, cut it to fit the baggie the way I liked it and placed it over the top of the baggie and used my stapler to attach it to the bag.


I did that about a thousand times or so..  (Just kidding, it was more like 50 that fealt like 1000)
and Waaaahlaaaa!

I also changed the label up, and used different colors for my daughter, so she can hand similar ones out to her fellow classmates and teachers at school.
Such a busy week!

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