accidental craigslist find.. a new to me dining room set

If you have followed my blog for long then you know I have been on the search for
a China Hutch for my kitchen.. because I really wanted some extra storage due to not having a Pantry, and I just really like the look of them.   I have been on the hunt for one for quite some time.

Well, I was searching again.. and couldn't find 'the one'.. or if I did find one I kind of liked, they were
so high priced that it was a definite no.   I was really searching for one that needed
a makeover.  I had even started saving pictures for idea's/inspiration of how I wanted to re-do my hutch when I got it.   I was thinking of painting it white done shabby style, or possibly a bright aqua, distressed with a deep dark color as an accent.  

However, I wasn't finding my hutch out there.
So I decided to search for a large dresser, because I could do the same thing with it, and use it as a buffet instead..  No problem.

Then it happened.. 
There it was..

I found a listing called "Furniture for Sale"... which came up when I was searching for a large dresser in the search title & description, so I opened it up and Yep.. An entire Dining room set, was the first couple of photo's, among other furniture that they had listed.  (Extremely nice, actual wood,  high quality furniture)

This listing never came up when I searched using the words "China Hutch",  "China Cabinet", "buffet".. because their listing only said: Dining room set.

Can I just say - we hit the Jackpot with this stunning set.
(The price was amazing - you wouldn't believe me if I told you...
Ok, so if you still want to know? Well, it was under 200.00 for it all.. I told you it was amazing!)

It is an Ethan Allen dining set, complete with China Hutch, Table/chairs with 3 extension leaves, Table protector, and a buffet/server.
The family selling it was moving due to a job change, her mother had bought it when she was 6 years old.  So that made this set close to 50 years old, and it is in extremely well taken care of condition.  We didn't actually get to meet the family.  My in-laws lived a lot closer to the items, and they kindly went and picked it up for us, and then later we got it from them.  They relayed the story behind the furniture to us, and I appreciate knowing the story behind it. 

I now have a place to display my great grandma's dishes, and other favorite items and decorative pieces..
but let me just say...
Talk about Storage issue solved!  Wahoo..

My plan changed on my Hutch Makeover..  because it is beautiful just the way it is, so  I will focus on adding touches of color elsewhere, and to me the server and table/chairs were a bonus!

So just goes to show, that you might want to change up your search words when you are looking for something, and not to give up! :o)

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  1. Love the new dining room set Tina! It is just beautiful and looks near perfect for it's age. Sweet knowing the story behind it too...:) Looks like you will have room to store plenty of things and maybe some room to spare!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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