Out of my comfort zone.. and a lesson learned

We recently went to my son's College for orientation, which lasted 2 days.

I think I was more nervous than He was, but if He was.. it didn't show.

We had an itinerary to follow and choices on which seminars to go to.. and there were a lot of people
there.. did I mention a LOT of people. :0)

Our son had a different Itinerary than ours, so we saw Him on and off when they matched up, and of course we were together for dinner.

Beforehand, I had joked about how I would need a brown paper bag to get through it before we actually got there..  but I was feeling nervous about it, and when I made that statement.. Well, I was probably more serious than they realized.

However, isn't it funny how we can work ourselves up over some situation.. already have our mind made up that it is going to be difficult, or hard, or________ (fill in the blank)... but then it isn't so awful when you actually are in the middle of it, whatever it was..

I am glad we went with Him.
I think it kind of taught me a lesson, on not letting myself get overwhelmed with something, that I have no real idea of what it will be like when it comes down to it.
But because I saw the amount of people, size of buildings, etc..  it really was overwhelming to me. 
We are from a small town, and when I say small.. I am talking SMALL.  There were more people at orientation, than people that live in this town kind of small.  :0)

Even though I was nervous, I really don't think anyone could tell that I was.. I simply prayed about it, and just took it a step at a time..  and in all honesty, less than a minute after walking through the doors.. I was fine.  Yep, I was nervous for no reason..  just because it looked completely different from what I am use to, and because I knew it was way outside of my comfort zone, I had let it 'get to me' in a way.

Seems ridiculous now.. 

We had dinner at orientation in the evening, and I do believe that God has a sense of humor.. because guess where we were seated.. right smack dab in the middle.  Of course.. :0)

So just wanted to share that even though something may look a certain way, or feel like it is completely out of your comfort zone..  that doesn't mean it is worth the effort and stress of worrying about it, or being nervous about it... it may be just fine after all, so why not wait and see before letting it 'get to you', and who knows.. you may learn something about yourself in the process.

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