Decorating for Fall Ya'll.. 2013

Yep, I sure did...
 I already started my fall decorating.
In my defense.. it is hard not to when the stores are full of fall decorative accents all over
the place, and bags and bags and bags of candy corn. :0)

( However, on a side note - I dislike candy corn, except maybe to decorate with.. just saying )

So I thought I would share some of my Fall d├ęcor so far..

Of course my scarecrow kids..  too cute!

A Fall floral arrangement on our entertainment center...

Adding some sunflowers into my wreath in the kitchen...

Changing up the tablescape...

 and gotta love my scarecrow that my daughter made me years ago from a pringles can..
How cute is that?  Love!

More to come.. :0)

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