Entryway Storage Updated.. (again)

I mentioned before that I updated my entryway storage, I am finally ready to share
what I did to it. :0)

Here is where my storage started..

I changed it up to this.. you can see how I did that Here.

Then I decided to give it a new look with a pop of color:

However, I still wanted to add to it..
I really wanted more of a Hall Tree type of look..  I had all kinds of idea's, such as adding a tall backing with barn wood, or adding doors to the shelving.. or both, or even building something else altogether...
but ultimately I decided I would like to bring the blue color up on the wall, and add a mirror/hooks.

So here is what I have now..

Here is how I did it..

I took an old board we had laying around and I cut it in half.. and then I took some small strips of wood to use to attach them together, as well as a small piece to use for the hanger to attach to.

Here is the back after I attached the wood strips.
(photo is upside down for some reason..)

Then I flipped it over and painted it blue.. peacock blue that is, and added black to distress/age it.

Then I glued on the mirror with e6000 and let that dry.
Added the hanger, and a hook and hung it up.

I couldn't reveal my update until now because I have been waiting to add the 2nd hook..
it took over a week for the store to get another one in stock..  Apparently a lot of people out there like the finish on this hook style better than the white or silver options.. :0)

I have several idea's for this space... so I would call this a work in progress. :0)
However, I am really liking how it has turned out, and it is serving us well.


  1. Looks great Tina. Love the mirror you made! Looks like a true entry now. That's something I don't have...my door opens right into the living room. I'm hoping to build a faux entry someday! Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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