Friday Favorites... (8/23/13)

I know it is rather late getting this post up, but we have had a extremely busy day today...
and a fun one!   (see Friday favorite #2) :0)

Here we go..

#1).   Fall Decorating has begun..    Fall is definitely a favorite time of year, and while I am not looking forward to cold weather necessarily, I am looking forward to the fall fashion it brings...

#2).   Some back to school shopping with my daughter, and my mom came along as well... we had a girls day out today ya might say.   Wahooo for a wonderful and fun shopping day! Good times!

#3).  Burgers and Fries after a long day of shopping... yum.

#4).  I decided to change up the hairdo this week, I considered going super short.. which I have had plenty of short hairstyles... but in the end I just decided to cut myself some bangs, afterall it does take some time to grow out a super short hairdo.. :0)
 I am glad that is what I decided to do, I am actually really liking the bangs so far. 

#5).  Photo's of the sky, clouds, sunsets, and the beauty of the outdoors in general... always a favorite!

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