Friday Favorites... (8/30/13)

It has been quite a week with school starting up.. it has been interesting for sure.

This week has also had it's ups and downs.. but Wahooo for Friday, and so looking forward
to a 3 day weekend!  How about you?

Time to share a few of my favorite things from the week...

- My Flea Market Chair makeover..  loving that color lately, but I am sure you noticed! :0)

- I made some soft sugar cookies as well as some freezer food to add to our freezer, but also to share with a friend of my husbands that is going through a difficult time.  I am happy I was able to help out where I can, and of course a lot of prayers have been going out, and will continue in the days to come. God is good!

- My weird Pasta Pot explosion/implosion.. :0(

- It is back to school time.. while, I am not thrilled summer is over, or that we have to get up extremely early so my daughter can catch the bus, or that my son is a way at college, or that my daughter is in high school (are you kidding me?).. and so on..
We did have quite a day on the first day of school when we missed the bus!  Uh, yeah.. ridiculous.. I know right?    However, it wasn't because we weren't on time mind you, but the school changed where they pick up the kids, and we were not aware of this tidbit of information.  I guess we should've realized it, but we just thought we were a little too early.. but then after about 10 minutes of wondering where the bus was.. we saw it.. yep, the bus was heading out of town from a different location.. and my daughter and I looked at each other with a look of Say What?.. can ya picture it? :0)
Well, I drove my daughter all the way to school, and we had a great laugh about it..  it was rather hilarious actually, we are pretty good at making the best of things - and boy did we laugh!  and I doubt that she will ever forget her first day of high school, that is for sure! ha..

- My Fall D├ęcor so far... fall flowers and decorations in my opinion are just beautiful!
(well, most of them anyway)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love the chair before and after! Flea Market finds are so great!
    Stopping by from HF4F linkup!
    Come link up with us today!

  2. Those cookies look delish! How sweet of you to make some to share with a family going through a hard time. What a fun first day of high school story. She will definitely always remember that and it will make for fun conversation over the years! I am with you on fall decor too....LOVE it! I also love fall smelling candles...Mmmm! I am so ready for fall season to get here to hot and humid Florida!!!
    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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