My Craft room.. the sewing side

I have been working on getting my new craft room space organized.. and I am using what I have around the house to do it.
There is quite a bit to show to I am going to break it up into more than one post.

Today I decided that I will be sharing the Sewing side of things..

I spent some time over the weekend getting all my sewing stuff dug out and placed into the room.. since I didn't have a designated space for my sewing supplies before,  they were in a large plastic container in a closet.. so the thread was kind of fun to get organized if you can imagine. :0)

But I got it done.. and here it is!

I think I rearranged the colors about 20 times before deciding to leave it.
(Ok, so it wasn't really 20 times, but boy did it seem like it!) :0)

I decided to use my 'new to me' desk that I recently gave a makeover to, as my sewing station.
(You can see more about the desk Here )

I added most of my sewing stuff and waaahlaaaa...  instant sewing station. :0)

Let's take a look inside the desk shall we? 

Drawer #1...   books, instruction manuals, zippers, bobbins, needles, and the sewing machine small stuff that is needed. (feet, seam rippers, etc...)

Drawer #2...  The embroidery attachments and some extra threads.

Drawer #3.. (also known as the: Miscellaneous drawer) Velcro, Elastic, Heat bond, webbing, stuff to use for making key chains/dog collars etc..

Drawer #4... Fabric.

I really like the gray contrast inside the drawers.. so glad I chose to leave that gray!

I already have several idea's to work on.. besides a couple items that need fixed.
So far really happy with how the craft room progress is going. 

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  1. Looking good! I love all the colorful spools of thread...:) When in doubt on arrangement, rainbow order always works! Your desk worked out perfectly for a sewing station! I have a piece of that same bright striped fabric...:) Looking forward to seeing more!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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