10 things you don't know about me...

So I thought it might be fun to share "10 things you don't know about me..."

#1).   My all time favorite job that I have had outside of the home was at a floral shop.
I thoroughly enjoyed making floral arrangements and delivering flowers.. it was such a fun
place to work.    However, my husband and I made the decision many years ago, that I was needed more at home with our then toddler, so I have been a stay at home (& later on a work from home) mom ever since. (and I am so thankful for that) 
 As you can see, I still enjoy working with flowers..
(above floral arrangement is available in my etsy shop - link at side column)

#2).  I have 4 sisters.  Yep.. and we grew up with 1 small bathroom. :0)
#3).  I use to have a red 67 mustang...  definitely should've kept that car!
#4).  I love to cook and bake..  I think it would be fun to have a little bakery shop.
#5). Favorite kitchen gadgets..  my Kitchenaid stand mixer, and my Keurig coffee brewer. 
(note to self: need to buy more k-cups)
#6).  Favorite beauty gadgets..  My chi flat iron, and my curling irons. 

#7).  Favorite colors.. I like all the colors,  and my favorite colors are different for different things.. Favorite colors to wear, Favorite colors for home d├ęcor, Favorite colors for flowers.  Do you have favorite colors overall? or do you have a favorite for different things like I do.. :0)
#8).  I have been married for almost 19 years.. wowzer, where does time go?
#9).  I drive a truck.. yep, a 4x4 beauty of a truck.  Gotta love living in the country.. well, this girl does anyway! :0) 
#10). I guess you could say I am an artist..  have always loved so many kinds of art, crafts, diy, etc..
      Lampworking is something I enjoy..  I wanted to try it several years ago, so I got the stuff and taught myself how to do it. (books helped)  I have a studio and I use a torch to turn rods of glass into small creations.. here is an example of some glass beads that I made:
and here is a polymer clay dog that I made for fall last year.. gotta love bassets! :0)
and jewelry is something I also enjoy making/designing from time to time:

Well, that was 10..
Hope you enjoyed the random - 10 things.. :0)

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  1. Wow Tina! You are so talented...love those beads! And that basset is too cute...:) In high school, I wanted to be a florist and even shadowed one, but didn't become one! I do still like playing around with arranging flowers though. And...wow, four sisters and just one bathroom! I just have one and no brothers. Have a happy Friday and weekend!

    Blessings, Vicky
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