Craft room..

More Craft room photo's to share today...

My sewing station..
and a tall shelf which holds my cricut, thread, batting, fabric projects etc...

My sewing station.
 (you can see what is inside the desk Here.)

The closet:
Lots of storage cubes, organized lampwork beads and jewelry making supplies,
as well as many other craft supplies. (polymer clay/paint/wood projects/) 
It is actually a big closet (just can't tell it in the photo)
In the top of the closet are my organized by size ribbons, yarn, and another storage cube with books/files.

Of course my scrapbooking/craft area..

So happy with my new flea market chair... here is the before/after:

You can see more about that Here if you like.

While one side of the room is all about crafts..  the other side is a couch/bed combo.
It is a comfy couch that has storage underneath but folds out into a bed.  Sort of like an
updated futon..??   The ottoman also opens for storage and I keep the sheets folded up
inside of it.

Inside the couch/bed.. I decided to store gift wrapping supplies on one side.

The other side is a few of my kids outgrown toys that I wanted to hang on to..

It is a rather small room to say the least, which makes it really hard to take good pictures of,
and the pictures make it appear smaller than it is as well.
However, I think I have done pretty good at using the space
wisely so far.  It is definitely a work in progress, as I have many other idea's for it.
I just haven't had the time with 'back to school' and everything else that has been goin on.

For now I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so I can easily clean off the surfaces and place the items in the closet if needed. (here is to hoping my son gets to come home and visit for the holidays)

Oh, and so far the only money I spent in the craft room redo.. was the $10.00 for the flea market chair.

I am sure you will see more about this room and changes to it in the future...
 as I eventually make up my mind what to do with the space,
and decide how to make it more user friendly for all it's intended purposes.
(that was a mouthful!)

Have a great day.

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  1. Wow Tina....your craft room looks great! I love how nicely you have your closet organized and your scrapbook station. I would love to get back into scrapbooking but just don't think I will ever have time to do it. Maybe some day! Have a blessed evening!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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