Fabric Wrapped Pumpkins for Fall (using toilet paper)

When my son was in grade school I helped out in his classroom with craft projects a few times, and this is one of the projects we did...
It is so simple and adorable for Fall, and it was a big hit with the kids.

How to make a Toilet Paper Pumpkin...  :0)
Yep, Toilet paper!

It is also a very inexpensive craft project, and great for kids of all ages..
You just get a piece of fall colored/themed fabric and cut it to fit around your roll
of TP...

Gather up the fabric and stuff it in the center.

Using a piece of brown paper, scrunch it or roll it up and tuck that in to the center.

This year I decided to come up with a small version to create a display.

Using an empty TP roll... I cut it down to about 60%.

Then I got out some batting, you could also use some stuffing, an old sock that doesn't have a match perhaps.. :0)
and then wrap it around the tube.

Secure with a piece of tape, then just stuff the fabric into the center the same as the larger size pumpkin.

Add another scrunched piece of paper.

You can also add in some floral leaves or raffia, or a bow.
There ya have it.. a lovely and unique pumpkin set to display for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the entire Fall season. 

Nothing is permanent, no glue etc.. so you can reuse the fabric if you need to, and hey if ya ever need a backup roll of TP.. :0) ha.. 

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  1. Cute pumpkins! Looking at everyone's fall decor is making me want to decorate despite the heat...:) I did buy some silk flowers and things to use for me door today. Now to find time to put it together!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. How fun is this and so creative. Love it. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. I made these using orange tissue paper for my friend in the nursing home and they were a big hit. The nursing home staff saw them and had a "craft day" with the residents and they all made their own pumpkin!!


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