A Dollar Pumpkin Redo... Elegant Pumpkin using a sharpie

We had to waste some time last week while waiting  to pick our daughter up from an after school activity,  so we went to the Dollar Tree..

Besides a few other items.. (*uh hmm*)  I found these Styrofoam pumpkins so I picked up 2 of them thinking I could change them up somehow.

I finally got around to giving them a makeover today...

I decided I wanted to place one in the master bathroom to add a little fall flavor... however I wanted a more elegant/neutral look.

So I took one of them outside and spray painted it white.

Then I added some different ribbons around the center of the pumpkin (to hide the ugly seam), as well as a bow, and some faux leaves on top.
(whoever came up with the hot glue gun - genius!)

It definitely still needed something.. so I got out a gold sharpie marker and colored the stem, as well as put dashed lines down the pumpkin. 
Sometimes it is the little things that make such a big difference.


What did I do with the other pumpkin you ask?

I left it orange.. added some ribbons/leaves similar to the first one.. but I also inserted a wooden skewer into the bottom of the pumpkin and turned it into a big plant pick.

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Because I had everything else, these 2 projects cost $2.00 (+ tax).
I consider that a good deal.
Sometimes the dollar items are a good deal, however sometimes definitely should 
leave the item(s) on the shelf.
How about you, have you found any dollar items lately that were a good buy?

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