Daily Declutter and Organize it in October...

I decided this is a good month for a challenge..

a Daily Declutter & Organize it in October type of challenge...
 (catchy right? ha!)

OK, so this is pretty much a daily thing anyway, but I want to challenge myself to
tackle something additional every day, besides the regular everyday chores.

However, no task is too small..   so whether I decide to clean out a drawer, go through my handbag, or go all out by tackling an entire room, anything goes!

My goal is to let some 'stuff' go, and get a little more organized before the holidays get here.
So October is a good month for me to get started on that.

I will post updates to my progress as I go along...

(Also.. I have decided to check out instagram..  I am not the most tech savvy so hang in there while
I work on figuring it out.. ha!  but I have just added a instagram link if you would like to follow along there as well, the link is located at the top right hand column)



  1. This is my goal for October as well. I love fall cleaning and organizing before the holidays...:) Good luck with yours!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. Hello Vicky,
      Best wishes to you as well in your October organization goal!
      We can do this... :0)



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