Friday Favorites... (10/11/13)

Yay.. Friday you are here!
So much to say, but I will narrow it down.

It has been a busy week.
It has been an extremely busy week.
It has been an extremely busy week... that I enjoyed... for the most part.

Ok, I think that narrowed it down.. :0)

Time for the Fry Faves...

#1).  My family..  my son is planning to come home over the weekend and it will be the first time
         since he moved for college..   I am so excited! :0)   Lots to do today!

#2).  My October Organize and De clutter challenge is progressing along.

#3).  Fall D├ęcor in general.

#4).  Homecoming.. my daughter is in the parade today and has been helping work on the float...
         should be lots of fun!

#5).  My Simple Fall Wreath .. just because... :0)

I have a new "No Dollar" DIY Pumpkin project to share Monday..
See ya then.

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