Friday Favorites... (10/18/13)

Friday, such a good reminder that the weekend is upon us..  :0)

Time to share a few of my favorite's from the week..

#1).  Our son came to visit from college over the past weekend, and we had the BEST time..
         That is definitely my favorite part of the week.. my family was all at home, all just seemed right
          in the world.  :0)

#2). & #3).   Dollar Tree Pumpkins get a makeover... :0)  One turned neutral/elegant, and the other
         turned into a plant pick. 

#4).  No Cost Pumpkin using a Milk Jug.. cute!

#5).  When I took my dog out this morning.. the moon was hiding among some clouds.. was just a
         beautiful sight to see.

I have been busy working in the laundry room lately, which had basically became a catch all room...
and let me just say... yikes!
I am looking forward to sharing the before/after's next week.

Have a great weekend!

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