Friday Favorites... (10/25/13)

Jumping right in with the Friday fave's today... :0)

#1). Canning is pretty much done for 2013.. and the cabinet is stocked up with tomato sauce, apple pie filling, apples, jellies, and a couple jars of peaches.

#2).  Laundry Room Makeover.. loving it.

#3).  DIY Fall Project Roundup.. lots of fun and budget friendly ideas.

#4).  Hot chocolate with Lots O Marshmallows... Yum!  Although I usually only drink about half of it... once the marshmallow melted goo on top is gone I am pretty much done with it. ha..

#5).  This artwork...just makes me laugh..
 " Exercise?  I thought you said Accessorize! "
   (um, yeah.. prefer accessorizing here)

I am looking forward to the weekend..  and also looking forward to our upcoming
anniversary...  19 years...  and what a blessing to be able to say I am married to my best friend. 
So very thankful for that.
Hope you have a great weekend all..

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  1. Looks and sounds like another productive week. That cup of hot chocolate is making me want some....good thing I have some in the pantry! I am off to fix a cup....:) Have a blessed week....Vicky
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