Friday Favorites... (10/4/13)

Hmm, kind of snuck up on me I guess. :0)
How about you?

I decided to give myself a challenge this month..  Daily Declutter & Organize it in October
Working on getting ready for the holidays.. because look how fast this year has flown by... yikes!
The holidays will be here before we know it!  So I decided it is as good as time as any to get a little more organized.  (that's the plan anyway)

It is suppose to feel like Fall this weekend with highs in the 60's.
However, it is suppose to get warm again next week..  but I will certainly enjoy the 2 cool days that
we are about to have - oh yes I will!

Time to share a few fave's from the week..

1).  I have been working on the blog this week... changing the design a little, and adding new social
      media icons.   Always a work in progress, am I right? :0)

2).  My  Scrap Wood Pumpkins Craft Project... so cute!

3).  It's a hat, ponytail, and hoodie day for me.. :0) 
      (I admit it.. not so stylish.. :o) but after the morning we had - trust me, it works! ha..)

4).  Coffee.. yes, please!

5).  Made Home made pizza this week using a simple drop biscuit dough as the crust.. was actually
      pretty good. :0)

Have a great weekend all..

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