Organizing winter accessories - the hats & gloves

I recently just gave our Laundry Room a Makeover, and I thought I would share a little more
about the organizer that was shown in the photo's..

That is what I use, and what works for us in keeping our winter hats and gloves organized.

It is simply an over the door, shoe organizer. (That I cut in half)

Yep, I cut it down to about half the normal size.. because our laundry room has the central heat unit inside, therefore the door to the laundry room is vented for airflow etc...
So because I didn't want to block the ventilation, I got out my scissors and chop-chop!
(shown in photo below)

So we use this half of a shoe organizer to organize our winter hats/gloves. 

We have used this system for a couple years now, and it works for us.
It's out of the way, and keeps them in a easy to reach and convenient spot. 
(Just around the corner on the other side of the door is the entry)

I think it works so well, because it is easy to see what you are looking for at a glance.
Previously we kept them stored in plastic containers on a shelf, and this worked ok, however
since the organizer has separate compartments it keeps the pair of gloves together... no digging
through a pile of gloves to find the matching set.   It also makes it easy to see what we have, and
what we need to buy or toss out.

I even went a step further with it, and added some cute chalkboard labels.. 
However, to keep the writing from coming off, I actually used a silver paint marker to
write on the labels.
 (silver permanent markers work well too)

And if you don't need all those compartments for hats/gloves.. something like the extra
dog leash can fit well.  Other idea's may be a compact umbrella, scarves, perhaps other pet related
items such as their sweater for going outdoors etc..

That is what we have found that works for us when it comes to the basic winter hat/gloves & accessories storage. 
However, I do keep my nicer scarves,  gloves elsewhere. :0)

So what works for you in organizing your winter accessories?  Do you have a designated spot?
Use baskets? hooks?

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  1. Great idea Tina! We don't have enough cold weather in Florida to bother with organization. We seldom have to wear a coat and gloves and scarves are seldom called for. I love cold weather clothes just not cold weather! Is it getting cold where you live yet?

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. Hi Vicky..
      Wow, I can't imagine never having to wear a coat.. :0)
      Weather can be strange here.. it may feel like summer one day, and then snow the next.
      We have had a few cooler days (in the 50's) but mostly staying in the upper 60's.
      I too love the fall/winter clothes!

      Have a great evening.


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