Painted Pumpkin Paver & Weekend Recap...

I made a simple painted pumpkin paver.. (say that 3 time fast!) :0)
to lean against my big flower pot near our deck steps.

I just used a 12" x 12" paver that we had laying around, and I painted a simple pumpkin on it.
This project took about 3 minutes (more or less). 
I used a permanent marker to write happy fall. :0)

Then I just leaned it up against my flower pot.

It had rained in the picture above, so here's a better look at it..

Not bad at all.. and it didn't cost a thing since I had everything on hand.  Yep, those are
the best kind of projects. :0)

Speaking of Best!

The weekend was the best... the BEST!
Did I mention it was the Best?   I seriously didn't want it to end.

Our son came home to visit from college, and we had the most fun together playing card games, tabletop pool, video games, chess, and just hanging out with our ice cream sundaes.

Note to self: I need to practice my gaming skills for next visit. :0)   

I will be counting down the days...
(and practicing chess!) ha..

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