Quick Sausage Au Gratin - Meal in a skillet..

If you're family is like mine..
then you probably have at least one somewhat picky eater in your house.

Yep, there are a handful of meals that we all enjoy as is, but there are
many meals where there are slight, to more than slight "variations" as I would call it.

An example of this would be: enchilada's.. 2 of us love, 2 don't love.. :0)
So I will usually have soft taco's as an option whenever I make enchilada's. A basic meat/cheese/tortilla shell type of taco.  It really isn't much more work because I make the soft taco's, before adding the enchilada sauce into the meat to make the enchilada's. This works out well for us to have meals like this so we all enjoy dinner time.  Although I don't always add the variations, sometimes it is eat it or don't.. :0)  but for the most part I try to make things everyone will enjoy.  After all, sometimes around the table at dinner is the only quiet time as a family.. no electronics, etc.. A time to talk about the day and activities of the week and so on.

So I thought I would share this quick.. and simple.. meal in a skillet..

It has very few ingredients..
(probably not so healthy ingredients - *uh hmm*)
But it is a good every so often type of meal..  especially if you are in a time crunch, and it is one the entire family actually enjoys. (Yay!)

Basically it is 3 ingredients.

  • Box of Au Gratin Potatoes.
  • Corn.
  • Smoked Sausage.

I cut up one smoked sausage link into bite size chunks.. you can cut it however small you like. 
(I would chop the sausage quite small for younger kids) 

Then I simply place the chunks into a warmed skillet to brown it slightly on each side for a little color, just takes a minute or two, watch it closely at this point so it doesn't stick/burn...  and then I add in the Au Gratin ingredients as suggested on the box (I don't add the butter though) and cook it as suggested as well.. about half way through the cook time I add in about a cup or so of whole kernel corn...   that's it.
 Easy, Peasy, Hearty Comfort food. 

So how do you manage meals in your household if you have a picky eater?
Do you cook different things? Make 'variations'? or?

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