No Sew DIY SIMPLE Boot Socks and matching infinity scarf... (Camo and Pink)

I am really enjoying wearing all of my boots now that cooler weather has arrived...
and I decided it was time to make myself some boot socks!  They are so cute after all.

So I went through my closet and I picked out an old Camouflage long sleeved tshirt and a pink fleece sweatshirt.

I placed the sweatshirt flat, cut off the sleeve...

Then I cut off a long section of the shirt...  (around 10-12 inches wide)

Then I did the same thing with the Camo shirt...


Everyone needs some CAMO boot socks.. :0)

I have a new fondness for old shirts now...:0)

You could sew some lace on top of the boot socks or buttons etc..  could also sew the scarf into a tube and make it a little more fancy of course.. but, I just chose to go simple for now.

Some of my favorite projects are the ridiculously simple ones..   

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  1. Clever and cute! I love both sets, but the pink is my favorite...:) I have seen these made with old sweater sleeves too and they are super cute. I really need some boots....maybe I will buy a pair this winter!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. The pink is my favorite too..
      I may be on the edge of becoming a boot hoarder.. hmm, I like boot collector better! ha..



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