November goals.. and a diy dog treats jar

November.. ???

Hmm.. Well, I must say that kind of snuck up on me.  Does anyone
else think November came pretty fast this year? :0)

My November goal is to keep up with my daily declutter and organize challenge
that I started in October, which will help in getting my home ready for the holidays.
I am also decorating for the holidays.
Yes, I have already begun the Christmas decorations.   Lots of fun projects to share.

In my getting more organized and declutter challenge.. 
I wanted to make a 'Treats' Jar for the dog treats.. so I could get rid of the box that they come in.

I decided to share it with you today.. it is soooooo simple!  Took longer to get the stuff out than to actually make it. :0)

I knew I wanted to use a mason jar, but I knew we didn't want to fuss with the lid/ring combo every
time someone got a dog treat out.. so I knew I wanted it to be glued to the ring.   Then I decided I wanted to 'pretty' it up a little as well.

So I got out a quart size mason jar, lid, ring, piece of fabric, my scissors and hot glue gun.

I placed the lid onto a piece of fabric...

Then cut it out, just slightly overlapping. (it doesn't have to be perfect, obviously.. ha)

I placed some hot glue on the lid to keep the fabric neatly in place.
Then I placed some hot glue around the inside of the ring.

Then simply popped the lid into place.

I placed the treats into the jar, sealed it with the lid, and added a chalkboard label.

So much better to look at than the cardboard box.. ;0)
How do you store/organize your pet items?


  1. Much nicer looking than the boxes and bags they come in! I need to make something like this for Sadie's treats...:) Nice job...:) Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. Thanks Vicky.. I agree, and the boxes can be so annoying as they never seem to want to shut/seal back up properly. :0)

      Have a great evening.



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