Recent finds.. (thrifting and accidental finds)

My daughter has to dress up for a school assignment as a 'goddess', so we hit
a nearby thrift store to see what we could come up with.  We knew that this particular
one wore all white, with gold accents.

We did quite well at the thrift store.. we found a white cotton robe, and a large well made
 handmade crochet white scarf.    Jackpot!   Then later we went shopping for the rest of the things we needed and picked up some white fabric (for a wrap dress) and found some metallic sandals in the clearance isle for .50 cents.  (yes, 50 cents!)      She already had a gold belt, and gold headband (which she painted some silk leaves gold and we glued them on)  It all has come together beautifully and looks great!!!   (Plus we had a lot of fun shopping for all the pieces we wanted for it)

Of course while we were at the thrift store I happen to find something else to bring home..

A nice and heavy weight candelabra, that just needed a little TLC.
I will show you what I did with it soon..

Then while shopping for the fabric and sandals.. we ran across a section of scarves on clearance.
This I would call our accidental finds.. :0)

Here are the 2 scarves that I have picked up.. 

Would you believe that they were $2.00.  I had to look twice myself.. :0)
So these 2 are now a wonderful addition to my closet.
I have already wore the black/white one. (and got compliments) 

So how about you?  Have you found any big time bargains lately?

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