A Simple Decorated Christmas Paper Tree...

I decided to share a simple Christmas DIY Paper Tree project today..
(fun simple kids craft project)

What's needed..
A piece of heavier weight paper or cardstock, mine is a 12x12 size and I chose green. :0)
Tape runner, double sided tape, or glue stick would probably work just fine.
Stuff to decorate your paper tree... I chose tinsel and miniature bows. 
(You could use ribbon, pom-poms, tiny ornaments or other objects etc..)

I started by rolling my piece of paper into a cone shape..

Then using my tape runner I secured it along the edge.

Cut off the excess.

Added a little more adhesive to secure the edge, and then trimmed the bottom so it would sit up.

Then decorated it with tinsel..

and miniature bows...

Kind of cute for starting with a piece of paper and a few decorations.. :0)

Would make a cute kids room tree if they don't have one, or make small ones to
use for place card settings.. just add a name. :0)

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