DIY Countdown to Christmas Plaque

Countdown to Christmas is officially here...
and since I am still trying to grasp the idea that Christmas is only
a few weeks from now.. ????
I decided to make a Countdown to Christmas plaque.. a gentle reminder if you will. :0)

As if I really need a reminder... I get lots of daily 'in your face' emails reminding me
 to SHOP now, and so on..  am I right? :0)

Anywhoooo....  (deep breath & sigh)

I went through my craft supplies and gathered up a few items for this project.

A small wood plaque, modge podge, foam brush, scrapbooking paper and embellishments, as well as
scissors, ribbon, and a chalkboard label.

I cut my paper down to size, and using modge podge stuck it into place.

Then I used a festive border sticker across the upper portion..

Added my Chalkboard Label sticker...

Then added some embellishments.. and using puff paint I wrote 'days til'..
(not exactly perfect, perhaps a paint pen or permanent marker would've been a better
choice... but it works... ha. )

After it was dry I simply used it in a well seen area of the home.. the kitchen! :0)

(alert: It was 22 days til Christmas when I took the photo,  but today however, it
                              is only 21 days til Christmas!  I want to make sure you are aware that
                              Christmas is only 3 weeks away!  Whew, that was a close one! ha..
                              (hand wiping across forehead...)

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