(Faux) Fireplace Mantel...

We don't have a "real" fireplace mantel to decorate for Christmas...

However, last year I bought this little Faux Fireplace...

and we are really pleased with it and how it looks.   It is actually a heater as well, and
has a remote control so we adjust the heat settings if we want to use the heater function, or
adjust the brightness of the flames effect as well.  Very cool indeed! :0)

Well, as a diy'er - I definitely have a project in mind for it in the future... :0)
but for now it looks kind of adorable with the stockings hanging over it.

and one of my favorite decorations...
the Charlie brown tree sits on top of it...

So where do you hang your stockings in your house?
Fireplace mantel? on the tree?  Under the tree?

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  1. I have always wished I had a mantel and am hoping someday I will, but until then, I usually hang ours from the knobs of our entertainment center...:) Yours is too cute! Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessings, Vicky


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