Friday Faves... (12/13/13)

For those of you that follow my blog,
or check in once in a while, you probably know that
Friday is "Friday Favorites" around these parts. :0)

Here we go..

1). My Simple Coffee Station - so convenient.. :0) 

2). My Charlie brown tree... just makes me smile.

3). Been taking some extra time and learning more and more about my camera this week.. and thrilled with the photo's I have been getting.  Yay!

4). For example.. I was able to capture the sparkle of the lights on our tree... love!

5).  Christmas cookies.. I got our Christmas cookies, baked, decorated, and put in the freezer.
      (otherwise they would not last until Christmas) :0)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...
I have a new ornament to share with you next week.. it's a fun one!

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