How I organized my scarves...

I recently decluttered our Master closet and
I had my scarves temporarily hung onto a hanger behind the door..

until I found this This little gadget while browsing in a store...

Now that certainly looks better than a plastic hanger.. :0)

Added in some of my scarves...


It can also hang onto a closet rod among the clothing etc.. as it does have a hanger.
however, I just chose to have it on the wall for now because I like seeing them (so they do
not get lost amidst the clothes) if that makes sense. :0)

So have you came across any neat little gadgets lately for organizing something?

(can be found here: Scarf Organizer)

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1 comment

  1. I saw one of these the other day and almost bought it. It would work much better than the peg rack I put up. It's hard to see all my scarves on it. I have also seen these homemade using shower curtain rings and zip ties. I might make a couple one day since I have oodles of scarves! Yours looks great...:) Blessings, Vicky


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