Simple Coffee Station.. (and hot chocolate)

I decided to make a simple coffee station..
simply simple like. :0)

We like our coffee in this house...
In fact we have a normal coffee pot on one counter, and a Keurig Coffee brewer on another.
Both get used daily. :0)

Well, with Christmas fast approaching..
I decided to use the Keurig to make a little coffee station.
I actually have had the keurig carousel put away in a cabinet for quite a while..
I don't use it for the most part, as I feel it takes up quite a bit of space. 
So I usually just have the k-cups in the cabinet, and a few in a jar beside the machine
on the counter.
However, for Christmas... I decided to dig it out and use it. 

It really is a nice item for seeing all the different kinds of k-cups that are available..
such as tea, apple cider, and
so on for those that don't really like coffee..
and of course it is more convenient than a jar of them tossed together. :0)

I then placed hot cocoa packets in a glass jar beside it as well.

Money saving tip... I don't buy the k-cup hot chocolate.. I have found it is just
as easy to use a packet of hot cocoa, put the cocoa in the mug, and use the keurig for the hot water.
(just open it up like you were putting a k-cup in the machine, but don't.. close it, and push
the button like normal - it will just pour hot water into your cup)

To make the mini coffee station a little more festive..
I added a piece of red/silver ribbon to the jar with a tiny bow.

I thought about adding even more to it...
such as a cute container of straws and spoons,  a jar of big marshmallows, creamer, etc... 
but I changed my mind and went with simple. :0)

(just in case you are wondering... This is just a product we enjoy...
Keurig knows nothing about this post... We just like our keurig.. that's all)

So do you have a coffee station for the holidays?


  1. I do and plan to share it soon! I am not a coffee drinker but do love my hot chocolate! Love the sweet little ribbon and bow on the jar/ Enjoy...Vicky

  2. No, but I sure would love to have one! Maybe I need to ask Santa for a Keurig ;)


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