2013... a quick recap, my favorite thing, and a tshirt quilt

A random this and that post... :0)


My favorite thing of 2013...
My family all together at any time of the year... that is my absolute favorite thing!


A lot of changes took place in the year 2013 in our household...

Our son graduated high school, and moved off for college... which actually changed so many
things that I don't think I even thought of before hand.   I thought I was somewhat
prepared for it, but 'thinking you are prepared' and then living it...  Well, they
are 2 very different things.

Our daughter also graduated from junior high, and started high school... new school,
new teachers, and lots of new friends... 
and I am so glad that she is enjoying it for the most part. 

I had a goal after my son moved for college... to get a quilt made for him by Christmas... and Yay! I got it done!
I had been saving some of his t-shirts from junior high and then from high school after we went through his closet before he moved out.. T-shirts that meant something, or were his
old favorites.. and that he no longer wanted/wore... because I had a plan... to make a T-shirt Quilt for him someday.    (and then "someday" arrived) :0)

T shirts from sports, classes he took, his friends, church, his college of choice, video games.. and so on..   a kind of memory quilt/keepsake.   It wasn't perfect by any means, afterall it was the first quilt I made... ever!  But I was real happy with how it turned out... and what a unique and meaningful gift it made.

I will be keeping my daughters t-shirts as well.. and definitely plan to make her
one when she graduates. 

We are getting a Snow Day today... we had snow over the weekend, and today is extremely cold.
Wind chill as low as Negative 24... It is definitely a good day to be indoors!


  1. We have so much in common Tina! I saved all my kids meaningful tee's as well, with the intention of making t-shirt quilts for them. Unfortunately I have never done it. I still have them and would still like to make their quilts for their birthdays or Christmas. Maybe I'll get around to it! Try to stay warm. It is supposed to be around 20-22 degrees here tonight, which is way too cold for this Florida girl...lol! Blessings, Vicky

    1. Hi Vicky, sorry I didn't respond by now... it has been quite a week around here. That is funny that you kept t-shirts also, seems we do have a lot in common! ;0) Thank you so much for the gift and the card that arrived yesterday... it was so kind of you and came at the perfect time during a hectic week. You are so thoughtful and sweet and I really appreciate it. The banner is beautiful! I blogged about it as one of my Friday fave's today.. Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.


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