A friendly reminder for the New Year...

Hello all..
So what is the 'friendly reminder' you ask?

Well, recently my computer decided to freeze up...
and to make this blog post short...
it logged me out of my profile and wouldn't let me back in.

I had no access to my files, but even worse than that - my photo's.. sooooo not good!
I spent quite some time being 'miss fix it'... or attempting to. :0)

With prayer, patience, a lot of searching on another computer to try to find solutions to try on it..
and several hours later...
I finally found my photo's, and then finally was able to get them burned onto a disc... happy dance!

Then I also found my files and was able to get them onto a disc as well... Yay!

Feeling like a few years of files and photo's were just all the sudden gone was not a good feeling...
Yes, I definitely have my original photo's saved on sd cards, so I was glad I had that for sure!
but not having the photo's that I had spent quite a bit of time editing and had saved for blogging, for logo's,
for my jewelry, and on and on and on...   not good, so I was so thankful to finally find them and get them saved.

 So my friendly reminder for this first month of the New Year.....
and because I have not been so great at doing it.. :0)

Is.... to save your photo's from time to time, and maybe your files too.
(somewhere besides just on your computer)

You may already keep up with that, if so... that is Awesome!
 I didn't and so I thought I would just send out a friendly reminder just in case someone
else out there hasn't saved theirs in a while.. (or years)  Oooops!  :0)

Have a great day.

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