A Set of Candlestick holders get an amazing new look... makeover time diy style

Remember my flea market candlestick holders?

An interesting mix of wood, metal, and glass...  :0)
(and in need of a new look)

 I started by getting my supplies I wanted to use all together...

I took the candlesticks apart (as they are held together with screws),
and gave the metal piece a new coat of shiny metallic silver paint.

I also painted the wood a beautiful turquoise..
and cut out some decorative damask print paper to modge podge onto the glass base, because
it shows through ever so slightly and I really liked that added touch.

Here is how they looked at this point, but I wanted to add some more embellishments,
so I got some shiny silver ribbon and some decorative accent pieces.

Cut the ribbon to fit around the wood and folded the edges..

A tiny dot of glue on the ribbon, then added the decorative accent.

Here is a look at the before/after...

and here they are on my vanity with some beautiful decorative candles...

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  1. Your candle sticks turned out beautifully! I love what you did with them. The scrapbook paper under the base was a great idea and the ribbon and accent pieces are just perfect. Great job!
    Have a blessed day....Vicky


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