A Sweet and Simple Handmade Valentines Gift for anyone...

I wanted to make a fun gift for my kids for Valentines Day and here is what I came up with
this year.

I picked up a couple valentines day balloons (the kind with sticks attached),
 and some clear plastic cups. (with lids/straws)  and some Candy of course. :0)

I also used scissors and curling ribbon for this project..

First I cut a few pieces of curling ribbon and I added it to the bottom of each cup for
a fancier look..

Next filled them up with candy...

I then placed the lids back on... (making sure that I had a little room so I could wiggle the straws
 back into the cups)

Then I cut about 1 and 1/2 inches off the balloon stick with scissors so it wasn't quite so tall,
and then placed the balloon stick inside of the straw of the cup.

I then added several pieces of curling ribbon to the bottom of the balloon...

Well, I had also purchased some chocolate characters, so I decided to add them by placing them on top of the cup and using one piece of curling ribbon to tie them on.

That's it.. all I have to do is add a gift tag or card and they are ready to gift.
You could easily change the balloon, and candy items to reflect the person you are
gifting it to..  and they will have a nice cup when all that candy is gone.  :0)

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