Bacon Wrapped Lil Smokies... Football Food and uninteresting stories

Happy Friday Ya'll...

I am sure ready for the weekend.. 
so did your team make it to the super bowl?
Ours didn't, but we picked one to root for anyhow.

Here is a quick last minute food idea for the big game..

Wrap some lil smokies with bacon.. secure with toothpick, and bake until done.
 (325 degree's for around 45 minutes give or take...
 this will vary depending on your oven of course)
 and then serve with your favorite sauce, or mix up your own.. 

Our dipping sauce is a mix of mayo, bbq sauce, a little brown sugar and the leftover
bacon pieces.

So do you have a favorite football food?
Watch football or don't watch football? 

Years ago I did not watch football, or even want to... but I ended up listening to and
somewhat watching it several times because of nothing else being on the television
while I worked on some projects,
and  it became a habit...  very uninteresting story I know. :0)

Same type of uninteresting story with basketball but more recently.
Not to long ago I watched a college basketball game when I saw it was on,
(because it was the college my son attends).
And I have watched all of the games since that one.

Yep, my DVR stays busy.

Have a great weekend...


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