Flea Market finds... seeing potential in something

I mentioned last week that my husband and I got to go to on a craft store
restocking supplies trip... and that we stopped by a flea market on the way home.

We enjoy looking at flea markets..  especially the antique furniture, I think that has
to be my favorite part.  Although I really enjoy the glass pieces as well,
being a lampwork artist and working with glass... I guess I just enjoy seeing
 all the details and craftsmanship that some pieces consist of.

I have become somewhat particular on the items that I actually bring
 home however...
I want it to have a place.. (where will it go? what will it be used for? etc..)
Not always.. but for the most part that is how I make the decision.
(even if it is a deal that is almost too good to pass up) :0)

They had some great pieces... the antique hutches and dressers were beautiful,
and always some of my favorite pieces to look at...  but since we don't need
those things for our home...  I actually spent less than $3.00 total.
What did I get? You ask....

This beautiful (& heavy) clear glass ornate tray...

Which I knew immediately that I wanted to put it on my 'new to me vanity'
 for jewelry pieces, etc..

and lastly, this pair of candlesticks made from wood, metal, and glass...
which was interesting to me.
They definitely needed a makeover in my opinion, but I saw the potential in them.
Plus, I was actually looking for a set of candlestick holders... so they were perfect.

I will be sharing the new look soon...
 I think you will be surprised at how different they look.

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