Breakfast in a Biscuit... Super Simple

I have been trying out some new recipe's lately...  so far they have been good
or great... so I am glad about that!

I have also been trying new idea's.. like we recently made sloppy joe's baked
inside biscuits and they were a winner!
Then I decided to make a breakfast version, which makes even more sense. :0)

So I browned sausage on my stove top, mixed in some eggs, then added some cheese
and our favorite seasonings.
I got a baking sheet ready with parchment paper, and when the sausage mixture was thoroughly cooked...  I opened up a can of flaky biscuits...
(you could certainly make your own biscuit dough as well if you like)

Flattened each 'biscuit' out...

 Added some of the sausage/egg mixture to the inside of each biscuit and folded it over,
then simply crimped along the edge with a fork to seal it up.

Then placed them in the oven and baked to the time/temperature per instructions on
the biscuit dough container.

They look a little something like this when done...

Would also make a really good quick breakfast for on the go if you make them ahead
of time.

This will definitely be a new regular item on our menu around here! :0)

I imagine they would freeze well also, but we didn't have enough made to try that out. :0)
Maybe next time! ha..

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