DIY a Jewelry Organizer.. a simple how to

I thought I would share how I made a Jewelry organizer recently,
to hold some of my bracelets and necklaces, and display them instead of
having them in a drawer and sort of forgotten about.. :0)

What I used for this project:

- tape measure (or ruler)
- dowel rods ( 7/8" & 7/16" )
- wood block (2x4 cut to approx. 5") & decorative block for base (optional)
- wood glue
- saw
- sander (or sandpaper)
- paint

First, I measured how long I wanted my display rods for hanging jewelry on..
for this particular one I went with 10 inches. (so we cut 3 of them from the larger dowel)

Then I decided on the height that I wanted each, so we cut the smaller dowel at:  12", 8", and 5"

Then we found the center of the base block, as well as the 10" larger dowel pieces, marked
them with a sharpie/pencil..  and proceeded to drill the holes with the 7/16" size bit.
(we drilled the holes at approx. 1/2" depth - give or take)

I lightly sanded around the holes and ends, then I used some gorilla glue and glued all the pieces together. 

I let it dry overnight..
then decorated/painted it.

Fun and easy project, and you can decorate it however you like to suit your taste.
(and so much better and sturdier than the lightweight cardboard types)

Want more uses for this DIY Jewelry Organizer...
How about a decorative Washi Tape Holder, or Jewelry tools display holder...
See more on that & the photo's HERE.

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  1. I so need to make one of these - my jewellery is a mess, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  2. Love this! My daughter needs one...or five.... Thanks for sharing!!!


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